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For this one we've kept it simple in the making, nevertheless very unique & complex in flavour.

The recipe:

5cl     Hana Cherry Blossom

1.5cl   Fresh Lime Juice

1.5cl   Mango Nori Shrub

8cl     Tonic


Garnish: fresh mango wedge

Glass: Tumbler


Add Hana Cherry Blossom, lime juice and the shrub to a glass filled with ice. Top off with 8cl of tonic and gives the cocktail a gentle stir. Garnish with a fresh wedge of mango.

Mango Nori Shrub:

Add the flesh of 1 mango, 150ml rice vinegar, 200ml water, 250ml sugar and 1/4 of a nori sheet to a small sauce pan. Let the mixture cook and then let the mixture simmer for 30min on low heat and with the lit on. Next, strain the liquid and store in the fridge.

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