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No cocktail recipe list is complete without a sour. A sour is a very simple recipe, but a real craft to make the perfect one. Sweet & sour taste with a silky smooth texture and a thick foam on top.

Sakura is the Japanese name for cherry blossom. Sip this cocktail while enjoying or reminiscing spring time.

The recipe:

5cl     Hana Cherry Blossom

2.5cl  Fresh Lime Juice

2cl     Rich Sugar Sirup

2cl     Egg white


Garnish: Dried lemon wheel
                +  a sprinkle of dried sakura flakes

Glass: Tumbler


Dry shake all ingredients, shake again with ice, fine strain and serve over ice in a tumbler style glass. In the picture we have used a Kimura handmade Japanese glass known for its minimalistic design and ultra thin quality glass.

Rich Sugar Sirup:

Boil 1 part of water and dissolve 2 parts of sugar in it. Keep stirring until completely dissolved and let cool down.

Dry shake:

Dry shake is a technique used when working with egg white in a cocktail. It is done by vigorously shaking without ice cubes in your shaker to whisk the egg white (note: the better you do this, the better your foam will be). After dry shaking, shake again with ice, this will cool and dilute the cocktail for the fresh & balanced flavour.

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