The perfect way to gift a wonderfull bottle of Hana Cherry Blossom


Mottainai, the Japanese term used to express the regret over waste. Mottainai could be translated as "what a waste!".


With our No Mottainai Giftpack we created a Hana Giftpack where the packaging is reusable or recyclable.


A Tenugui wrap


Even though a standard Hana bottle is wrapped with 100% recycled paper, we go even further with our giftpack. Instead of paper that ends up in the trash, we created a custom made Japanese Tenugui.


A Tenugui is a traditional Japanese cotton hand towel which can be (re)used for endless uses:

- decoration item

- wrap for Bento box (Lunch box)

- head gear

- gift wrap

- a hand towel

And so much more!


Seeded paper box


The gift box itself is made from biodegradable paper and is embedded with seeds. Which means the paper box can be reused by planting it in your garden to grow magnificient wild flowers.


We made the gift box unbranded on the outside so you don't have to wrap the giftpack once again if you want to hide what the present holds.


Hana No "Mottainai" Giftpack

42,50 €Prijs

    Free shipping when buying 2 bottles (Benelux)

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