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Uzumaki Collins, a creative twist on the all time classic Tom Collins.

Our Uzumaki Collins subtitutes Gin for a mix of Hana and Shochu. Shochu is a Japanese distillate, mostly from rice or patato.


Uzumaki means "swirl" or "spiral" in Japanese and is also the surname of Naruto, our favourite Japanese anime character. Who spots the link between Naruto and the garnish?

The recipe:

4cl     Hana Cherry Blossom

2cl     Rice Shochu 25% ABV
1,5cl   Fresh Lime Juice
1cl      Rich Sugar Sirup

10cl   Soda Water

Garnish: "Swirling" Lemon Zeste

Glass: Longdrink


Add the Hana, Shochu, sugar sirup and fresh lime juice to a longdrink glass filled with ice. Top off with soda water with a high carbonation level, stirr gently to mix ingredients and garnish with a "swirling" lemon zeste.

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