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Yoisho! The Japanese exclamation when coming home and flopping into the sofa after a hard day at work.

The best time to have a moment for yourself and to get a refreshing, complex drink that has that extra punch of enjoyment.

The recipe:

5cl     Hana Cherry Blossom

1.5cl   Rich Sugar Sirup

3cl     Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice 

1cl      Suntory Toki Whisky

1cl      Malic Acid Solution

Garnish: Sprig of dill

Glass: Tumbler


Shake all ingredients, fine strain and serve over ice in a tumbler style glass. In the picture we have used a Kimura handmade Japanese glass known for its minimalistic design and ultra thin quality glass.

Rich Sugar Sirup:

Boil 1 part of water and dissolve 2 parts of sugar in it. Keep stirring until completely dissolved and let cool down.

Malic Acid Solution:

Add 10gr of malic acid to 100gr of water and whisk until completely dissolved. Malic acid is the an organic, sour compound found in apples. It can be bought in powder and is found in vitamin stores, pharmacist and other related stores.

Extra tips:

- For a sweeter balance, use a Bourbon instead of Whisky

- Nail your presentation and drinking experience with a crystal clear ice cube

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